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Our motto "Technology to free the MiND" uses an expansion of the acronym for Motor Neuron Disease (MND) and our aim is to make use of new and innovative technologies to provide people that have impaired voice and hand functions, a means to communicate quickly, effectively and with little effort, using electronically spoken and written communications, in a modern electronic world. Our logo represents our desire to free the mind from the ravages of Motor Neuron and similar diseases, on the body.

What we are about
There are many human diseases and accidents, which diminish or rob people of their abilities to effectively communicate and interact with other people in society. New and innovative technologies can assist people to communicate. Our aim is to develop and suggest technology solutions to aid communications and interact with people in an ever increasing technological world.

Where possible, our development thrust will make use of Brain-Computer-Interface (BCI) technologies to control computers and applications, making use of the INSIGHT EEG neuroheadset from Emotiv who have the motto "you think, therefore, you can". The other emerging and exciting technology, is a wearable headsets such what Google was trying to introduce with their glasses... I am still watching this space. I am currently testing a Tobii EyeTracker 4C, eye-gaze and head-tracking unit.... it is fantastic.

In fact, we will explore all technologies that reduce the effort required by people to communicate. Another example, is making use of Dragon Naturally Speaking Professional, where dictation and computer control can be achieved from voice commands. We are also looking at the SDK for making use of the new SwiftKey Predictive Text engine to reduce keystrokes.

All technology users should explore the Accessibility features in their current technology devices. For instance, Microsoft provides many features and functions in their operating systems and products, to make it easier for people with disabilities, to use their products. Take a look at the Microsoft web site “Microsoft Assistive Technology for Everyone” and  Windows Accessibility

What you will find here:

29th March 2017, First prototype of the BodyPointer available for download

Under Construction


- Links to products
- Links to MND/ALS support associations
- Our developed software; offered for 'free' on an "as is" basis, subject to licence agreement. We would ask that any donations be provided to your local MND/ALS support organisation for ongoing research, to find a cure for this most terrible disease.

At a later date we may include an online forum for those interested to share their ideas, suggestions and experiences.

Click Here to download a work-in-progress draft paper, which describes the problems experienced by people with physical disabilities including our aim and purpose to develop innovative solutions that will allow people to communicate quickly, effectively and with little effort, using electronically spoken and written communications, in a modern electronic world.

The decision to provide this service
Quite simply, this is a project of love, as my beloved Kathy was disagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease on 17 March 2011 and was fully disabled and unable to speak by December 2011.
Our journey has identified a lack of affordable technology based tools and aids for people who cannot speak or type.
Mary Kathleen Klein lost her battle with life on Sunday 27 May 2012; my love travels with her.
Donations to help people deal with this disease can be made through the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Queensland at

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