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Golden-I Headset
An innovative and futuristic head mounted computer system.
Golden-iŽ brings the world's first hands-free mobile, head-worn computing experience that enables the orchestration of multiple devices through cloud computing, allowing businesses to significantly improve safety, productivity, and efficiency of their workforce.

EPOC Brain-Computer-Interface
Incredible EEG brain pattern sensing technology.
Based on the latest developments in neurone-technology, Emotiv has developed a revolutionary new personal interface for human computer interaction. The Emotiv EPOC is a high resolution, neurone-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset.

Infragistics, the world leader in user interface development tools, empowers developers to build and style immersive user experiences and rich data visualization in line of business applications across all .NET platforms—Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), ASP.NET and Silverlight; including innovative components for jQuery, Reporting and Mobile for Windows Phone 7/iPhone/Android.
Infragistics understand that it is not enough to make great products. For that reason, they supply a wide range of value-added services that help developers build high-quality applications including user interface testing tools, support, training and consulting services.

Dragon Naturally Speaking
At Nuance, we’re the people who make voice work. We design and deliver intuitive technologies that help people live and work more intelligently. We provide the tools to inform, to connect, and to empower people to be more productive and creative. We give people more than just control over their communications. We give them command of their lives.

SwiftKey Predictive Text
SwiftKey gives much more accurate corrections and predictions than other keyboards, because it’s powered by natural language technology. It understands how words work together, meaning very sloppy typing just works and the word you’ll probably want next is magically predicted..

ComponentOne Doc-to-Help Enterprise
Write (or import) content in Microsoft WordŽ, HTML, or Doc-To-Help’s editor and then publish professional quality outputs for desktop, Web, mobile, SharePoint, and print use. That’s the power of Doc-To-Help. Just focus on the content; Doc-To-Help produces impressive and useful deliverables for virtually any communication needs you may have.

Doc-To-Help has a number of accessibility features to cater for people with disabilities addresses the USA Section 508 compliance for NetHelp 2.0: NetHelp 2.0 is now Section 508 compliant. We have added keyboard shortcuts, screen reader compatibility, and more; see Creating Section 508 Compliant NetHelp and Mobile Help

Section 508 is part of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and requires Federal agencies to make their electronic and information technology accessible to people with disabilities. To find out more about Section 508, and obtain information about guidelines, tools and other resources, see

ShellObjects from LogicNP Software is a suite of advanced development controls for use in computer applications. The prototype MNDcommunicate applications, currently under development, makes use of the ShellAppBar control to dock the MNDcommunicate windows to a side of the screen and essentially allow the user to hide/unhide the application screen and thereby allowing maximum use of the PC screen by other PC applications. Simply moving the screen cursor to the side of the screen will make the MNDcommunicate window re-appear for use. Other tools in the suite are also being looked at for inclusion into the MNDcommunicate prototype application.

MND and ALS links.

MND Association Australia
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AAC and ATD Technologies.

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xxxxxx others.

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The concept of Tableking was developed as CRI Sale back when online shopping was almost unheard of in Australia. The founder of Tableking, Mr. Justin Herringe has been involved in the Fine China and Ceramic Industry since 1987 and prior to Tableking was Australia's only Internationally recommended Fine China and Ceramic restorer. This very specialised field lends the expertise and knowledge for Justin to select for you only the very best products in Quality Dinnerware to ensure from the production stage through to the completed item, each and every piece is the very best in standard. Together with his wife Jennifer they work tirelessly to continue to bring you the very best products and globally recongnised brands at affordable prices.

Allwebco Website Templates
Professional templates and add-ons for any website.

The free encyclopaedia that anyone can edit.

Raising Children Network, the Australian Parenting website (contains a good section on disabilities)
excerpt from site:
Children are as individual and as different as their parents, and making decisions about what’s best for raising children is intensely personal. There are some useful universal principles for everyone, but the ‘right’ solution frequently changes from situation to situation. We see our role as providing information that can help parents with the day-to-day decisions of raising children, and to also help parents and carers look after their own needs. We believe that positive outcomes can be achieved when parents have access to information based on the best science in parenting and child health and development. We find and translate this science into everyday language so parents can understand and use it in a way that works for them.
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